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Accepted Paper:

Global crisis across time and space: the case of elderly Sakhalin Korean repatriates in South Korea  
Dorota Szawarska (SOAS)

Paper long abstract:

Global crises are temporal phenomena. They not only exist in some more or less defined period, but their repercussions spill uncontrollably beyond it, often into another crisis of another nature, in another time, and other, perhaps no longer "global", but still interconnected spaces. In my paper I consider such intermingling global and temporal crises in a transnational space, in the context of selective repatriation of Sakhalin Koreans to South Korea. Most Koreans living now on Sakhalin (Russia) are descendants of forced labourers, from the period of WW2. The repatriation programme organised in late 1990s permitted only some members of the 1st generation, that is people born up to 1945, to move to South Korea, which resulted in generations living apart from each other. I consider the strategies and imaginings Sakhalin Koreans employ in order to deal with their situation, in particular in relation to kinship, family solidarity and identity.

Panel W061
East Asian imaginings: (trans)national scenarios and global crisis
  Session 1