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Accepted Paper:

Non-institutional healing practice as a response to ethical crisis in Slovenia   
Katerina Vidner Ferkov (Delo )

Paper long abstract:

This research seeks to present how and why certain women in Slovenia use non-institutional complementary healing techniques in order to solve their mental and emotional issues. I was interested in how 'new age spirituality' is used in personal ethical reconstruction of purpose amidst the profound social changes in times of Slovenian transition, that resulted in economic, health care and social crisis, since entering EU (2004). I argue that diversification of healing approaches in the era of neoliberal capitalism, is a creative non-institutional act, that aims to recreate social networks that existed in socialism, with adding the spiritual dimension that was absent before. The main critique of 'new age spirituality' is, that it actually propels neoliberal economy and 'self-management'. I will claim that in post-socialist circumstances 'new age spirituality' can act as a diversification for the postmodern fascism of profit at any stake.

Panel W121
Uncertainties, risk and socio-political change: medical pluralism and diverse agencies
  Session 1