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Accepted Paper:

For an AnthroPoArt: about audio-visual experimentation as a form of political engagement  
Paolo S. H. Favero (University of Antwerp)

Paper long abstract:

Based upon reflections on the experimentation with audio-visuals as instruments for communicating a politically sensible anthropological knowledge to wider audiences (what I label as AnthroPoArt), this paper explores anthropology's changing notions of engagement.

Starting with the assumption that anthropologists should aim at crossing the various gaps that separate them from wider audiences (hence being able to communicate their knowledge back into their wider social habitats) and often from their interlocutors in the field too, this paper will attempt at questioning what role such attempts may have epistemologically, i.e. in terms of our own understanding of the knowledge we produce about our fields and about anthropology at large, as well as ethically/politically.

What different entries to anthropological knowledge can we get by explicitly generating projects aimed at engaging with wider audiences? In what way can we envision this as a constitutive part of our careers? Can we get our interlocutors closer with such products?

And also, can images and sounds really open up the field to sensorial and evocative spaces able to better include wider audiences? What consequences may such kind of work have on our relation to our interlocutors in the field? Do such experiments contribute in subverting anthropology's colonial heritage?

Panel W077
Public anthropology for a world in crisis
  Session 1