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Accepted Paper:

Maison du Brésil: a student house for the brazilian elites in Paris  
Ceres Brum (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria)

Paper short abstract:

This text is an ethnography of the "Brazil House," which I consider as a privileged space for understanding the plural educational processes of Brazilian researchers in France.

Paper long abstract:

This paper proposal presents some reflections on the Maison du Brésil. My aim is to analyze the meanings that characterize it as a Brazilian territory in Paris, as a temporary residence for brazilian elite researchers. It looks at the international circulation of students and researchers who live there and have an educational experience of multiple dimensions, while experiencing deterritorializing identities and there consequences in a residential space that is simultaneously public and private. Based on documentary analyzis and ethnographical fieldworks, I present some aspects of its history and daily life, specialy how the brazilianness is used to support the elite crisis of identities. I will focus on the "uses and abuses" of the nation and of the region, to analyze the particularities of established mediation of living in the Maison du Brésil, to the education and international insertion of some researchers.

Panel W079
Elite groups, crisis and imagination
  Session 1