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Accepted Paper:

From the 'Embargo Cake' to the 'Tycoon Cake': food shortages, changes in everyday diet and new recipes in post-1990 Serbia  
Ivana Bajic-Hajdukovic (European University Institute, Florence)

Paper long abstract:

The last decade of the 20th century in Serbia was marked, among other societal phenomena, by tremendous changes in people's everyday diet and the proliferation of new recipes. This change was a direct consequence of massive pauperization of population, caused by the economic crisis and the UN sanctions imposed in the early 1990s. As a result of rapid pauperization and constant shortages of basic food products in the early 1990s, people had to adjust their diets and to make do without most foods they used to consume until 1990s. Even though the socio-political situation has changed since 2000, with the liberalization of the market and opening of the economy to the world, thus ending the food shortages, the abundance of food in supermarkets today is still out of reach for majority of its citizens because of very high prices of food and monopolization on the food market in Serbia.

Panel W010
Food: crisis and creativity
  Session 1