Accepted Paper:

Alevism, religious tolerance and minority rights - with special reference to Switzerland  
Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies)

Paper long abstract:

Surprisingly, the controversy generated by the vote concerning the minaret ban in Switzerland in late November 2009 has not led to a general debate over the significance of Muslim heterodoxy with regard to, both, the place of Islam in Western countries, and relations between these countries and the Muslim world. The purpose of the paper is to reflect on Alevism as a stake in minority religious rights whose substance and implementation may vary considerably according to the country considered. Switzerland and Turkey are eloquent examples in this regard. On this basis, an attempt will be made to illustrate possible consequences of increasing political conflict over Islam in Switzerland for the situation of Alevi communities and their ritual practice.

Panel W005
At the margins of Islam in Europe