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Accepted Paper:

Can anarchism be a critical point in the new anthropological imagination?   
Charles Macdonald (CNRS)

Paper long abstract:

Departing from the contention found in postcolonial studies that anthropology had a deep ideological and epistemological connection to colonialism and Western imperialism, I see in the authoritarian state an older, deeper and more pervasive anthropological paradigm that has inspired and constrained anthropological theory during the 20th century. I shall explain this paradigm based on the concepts of corporateness, transcendence, mechanical determinism, and hierarchy. I will try and show that a paradigm shift in anthropological theory is necessary and possible if the concepts of complexity,disorder and randomization become preliminaries to a construction of an anthropological theory of collective life. This major shift is predicated from considerations on anarchy and anarchism as enduring dimensions of human behavior.

Panel W082
The state in the history of world anthropologies: disciplinary imaginaries at critical moments [AAA CWA panel]
  Session 1