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Methodologies of participation and engagement 
Hana Cervinkova (Maynooth University)
Pauline Lipman (University of Illinois-Chicago)
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Start time:
26 August, 2010 at
Time zone: Europe/London
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Short Abstract:

The workshop explores the potential of anthropological research to support cultural change and social emancipation through knowledge. We seek empirically and theoretically grounded presentations that bridge social theory and practice and support engaged/activist methods of social inquiry.

Long Abstract:

The workshop is a response to growing interest among anthropologists as well as other social scientists in moving beyond description and academic critique of researched socio-cultural worlds to participatory scholarship. Such scholarship relies on the researchers getting involved - intellectually, socially, politically - in issues critical to the improvement of lives of peoples with whom they study in the field. Activist/engaged anthropology is driven by an epistemology of collaborative knowledge production by social actors and researchers, an anthropology that is renewed by its direct engagement with practical problems and in social action for human liberation. The workshop should provide a platform for those researchers who have been actively grappling with ethical, practical and epistemological issues related to their own engaged/activist/action research practices. We are particularly interested in presentations of research practices that focus on exploring the potential of anthropological research to support cultural and social change and people's emancipation through knowledge.

Accepted papers:

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