Accepted Paper:

Behavioural prevention towards HIV/AIDS among youngsters of Cape Verdian origin  
Iolanda Évora (Instituto de Economia e Gestao, ISEG, Univ Tecn Lisboa )

Paper short abstract:

From a qualitative study made upon youngsters of Cap Verdian origin we identified the way that the system of cultural convictions of the group and their social experience and vulnerability influenced the practices and the discourse of the youngsters towards the prevention of HIV/AIDS. We discussed how the belongs of immigrant groups and of underprivileged social class interfere in its perception to risk, in its sexual behaviour, in the asymmetries which are attributed to the male and female roles and in their beliefs and prejudice regarding HIV/AIDS.

Paper long abstract:

This paper deals with the preventive AIDS behaviour of youngsters of Cape-verde origin living in Lisbon. It focuses on the group practices and representations of AIDS and gender oriented sexual behaviour. Based on an ongoing research project, the paper discusses how AIDS has the potential to become another discriminatory factor in a group already racially and socially stigmatized.

Panel W098
Policy and practices of health care in a migrant context