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Accepted Contribution:

The tectonic shift in global politics and how it is impacting changes at the United Nations and informing development frameworks  
Lerato Tsebe (University of Johannesburg)

Contribution short abstract:

I would like to bring in more nuances perspectives from the global South and see how they can contribute to the entire notion of development as a whole, especially in informing the interplay between the Global North and the Global South.

Contribution long abstract:


The prevailing deterioration of the global political order has propelled the state of multilateral institutions has brought to a ground halt the various ways in which development theories and functions operate on a multilateral institutional stage. Never before in history has the United Nations system, as a whole been under such duress, nor has any of the political ideologies that have bound it as a cohesive force been under such severe threat and sustained pressure. This is attributed to the fact that the political theory that informed the Post- World War II consensus are dismantling, with a ground swell of pressure coming in from the Global South demanding that there be a structural and fundamental change in the form and substance of the global governance architecture.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) are indicative of measurable targeted goals, that when operating in unison should enhance the development of individual states. However, as the end of the UNSDG draws near, it is time for a new framework, for a developmental trajectory to be engineered less so reliant on aid and targeted development goal milestones, but rather operating on the premise that the mere notion of what development means and infers differs from global north and global south. Furthermore, in global international politics, it is more often than not that how development is framed that also consequently shapes global politics and the North/ South divide.

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Global development politics
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