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Accepted Contribution:

Engaging in collaborative academic research with an RLO has the potential to promote epistemic justice, empower marginalized communities, and emphasize innovative strategies and ethical practices.  
Claude Samaha (Basmeh Zeitooneh Organisation) Ralph Haddad (Basmeh Zeitooneh for Relief and Development)

Contribution short abstract:

Our objective is to showcase a 3 year collaborative research endeavor between a research academy and an RLO, emphasizing the mutually beneficial relationship between scholars and practitioners, while also disseminating successful strategies, challenges encountered, and valuable lessons learned.

Contribution long abstract:

Title: Forging Epistemic Equity: A Case Study of Collaborative Research and Empowerment Strategies in Host and Refugee Communities.

This submission proposes an exploration of collaborative research and knowledge co-production within the framework of seeking epistemic justice, with a particular focus on emancipatory research practices. The study centers on a case, involving an RLO ( refugee-led -Organization) in Lebanon and an academic institute from the UK , where innovative approaches have been employed to meaningfully engage low-income and marginalized communities. Through a multidimensional analysis, we aim to shed light on the transformative potential of collaborative research in addressing issues of knowledge inequality and fostering inclusivity in the research process.

Our presentation will delve into the methodology employed, emphasizing the strategies implemented to ensure the active participation and empowerment of marginalized groups. By sharing insights into successful practices, challenges encountered, and lessons learned, this submission contributes to the broader conversation on ethical and socially responsible research. It aligns with the panel's objective of advancing epistemic justice and seeks to inspire further discussions on best practices for creating a more equitable and inclusive research landscape.

We present this abstract with enthusiasm with a power point presentation , aspiring to offer valuable perspectives and practical insights derived from our experience in collaborative research betweeen academics and low-income and marginalized communities.

Workshop PE02
Community knowledge in academic research: in pursuit of epistemic justice
  Session 2 Thursday 27 June, 2024, -