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Accepted Contribution:

Demystifying Community -Research Process and its impact on Urban Transformation in Informal Settlements: A focus on Zimbabwe  
Thomas Karakadzai (Dialogue On Shelter Trust) Patience Mudimu Matsangaise (Dialogue on Shelter Trust)

Contribution short abstract:

I would like to bring note-taking materials , like a notebook or laptop computer , experiences of working with informal settlements and a positive attitude.

Contribution long abstract:

This study looks at and evaluates how community research processes contribute to the urban transformation of Zimbabwe's informal settlements. Although research has been conducted for many years, helping to build scientific knowledge, techniques, and procedures over time, there has always been a significant disconnect between the research and the community it is being conducted with. Communities living in informal settlements continue to be subordinated and exploited despite the renewed interest in partnership methods to research and practice that place a strong emphasis on community influence and participation in research initiatives. Despite extensive study conducted by various organisations, institutions, and academics, the populations living in informal settlements continue to face issues related to urban poverty and other aspects of development. Through the use of key informant interviews and focus groups, the study discovered that most research projects are designed primarily to satisfy the goals and objectives of the investigator or specific sponsor, with little to no contribution to change. In order for transformation to be realised, the study suggests that community researchers be involved in every stage of the research process, from defining the problem to developing research instruments for data collection to presenting the findings and putting the identified gaps into practice in the communities where they are found.

Key words: community research, urban transformation, informal settlements , decolonisation

Workshop PE02
Community knowledge in academic research: in pursuit of epistemic justice
  Session 1 Thursday 27 June, 2024, -