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Accepted Paper:

A Toolkit for Ethical Action in Global Research: Supporting an Ethical Research Journey in the University of Edinburgh, UK  


Sam Staddon (University of Edinburgh)
Clara Calia (University of Edinburgh)
Corinne Reid (Victoria University)
Lisa Boden (University of Edinburgh)
Liz Grant (University of Edinburgh)

Paper short abstract:

Description of a collaboratively-developed Toolkit to promote ethical action in global research, and exploration of its use to influence and innovate University ethics procedures and practices.

Paper long abstract:

In this paper, we introduce a Toolkit to promote ethical action in global research, developed in the context of a project at the University of Edinburgh, UK, in collaboration with more than 200 global researchers from more than 30 countries and 60 different disciplines (see This toolkit, rather than offering ethical regulation, offers a flexible frame of reference which promotes contextual ethical reflection and accountability within research teams. The global research toolkit proposes two fundamental axes of reflective analysis; firstly, iterative ethical analysis throughout the ‘Research Journey’, and secondly, ethical analysis based on the ‘4Ps’ model: Place, People, Principle and Precedent. We will present how the Toolkit has been used to influence and innovate University of Edinburgh ethics procedures and practices.

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Unsettling research ethics to promote progressive global social change I