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Accepted Paper:

Why and how to settle scientific ethics? Colombia´s experience.  


Deyanira Duque (Minciencias)

Paper short abstract:

The relationship between the scientific knowledge’s demands and the practices of the scientific community raises the question of principles as guidelines that bond individual practice, the scientific community and the context that where delimitate their responsibility in the generation of knowledge

Paper long abstract:

One of the objectives of the "Policy of Ethics in Research Bioethics and Scientific Integrity" of Colombia is "to issue the guidelines of Ethics in Research, Bioethics, and Scientific Integrity ...". This paper talks about the advances in the design of these guidelines, based on the answer to two questions: 1) Why are these guidelines important and necessary? And, 2) How to base these principles?

In the first place, the existence of common minimum guidelines, such as the principles of an R&D+i System, serves not only to guide decision-making and the conduct of the different actors but also to consolidate the institutional framework of the System itself, as well as its governance. How to proceed to identify or define these principles?

Methodologically, it was sought to identify a series of principles that all the actors of the National System of science, technology, and innovation-SNCTeI must observe based on analysis, characterization, and classification of the conflicts and dilemmas that these actors face in practice. everyday scientist.

In such a way, a "proposal of principles and associated behaviors for all the actors of the Colombian SNCTeI" was developed.

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Unsettling research ethics to promote progressive global social change I