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Accepted Paper:

The colonial roots of tax injustice and its contemporary relevance  


Justin Thacker (Church Action for Tax Justice)

Paper short abstract:

In this paper, I will describe the historical origins of tax havens in what Ogle terms archipelago capitalism. I then explain how they continue to contribute to the plunder of the global south and what implications this has for resources deprivation today.

Paper long abstract:

Vanessa Ogle has demonstrated that tax havens originated as a location for fleeing colonialists to stash their funds as their colonial power diminished. This practice has continued in the present with multinationals now extracting circa $200 billion per year from the global south. I will describe these phenomena and talk about their development implications within a faith perspective.

I'm an academic theologian but for the last 18 months have been working as a practitioner for Church Action for Tax Justice, a campaigning organisation.

Panel P06a
Decolonisation, development and faith I