Accepted paper:

Populism and development in India


Smita Yadav (University of Sussex)

Paper short abstract:

What is the relation between religious based populism and growing economic growth in India?

Paper long abstract:

In this paper, I address the link between different from some of resistances as well as co-adaptations from the relics of lived lives in past to rapidly modernisation, urbanisation and globalisation of the Indian development path. While researchers have studied the phenomenon of politics of development and intermediaries in the form of democractic approach to thenpractice of development, very little work has been supported by archival and museum studies connecting heritages of Social change. This is vital as the country is witnessing the resurgence of religious icons to represent such a rapid shifts in the landscape both in the form of resistance and adaptations. Based on archival research and museums studies, this paper will address, if there is at all any evidence of how such religious and archeological artefacts might represent any form of such engagement to modernisation or any change and what popular icons from ancient Indian mythologies have emerged from the past as a form of resistance to modern changes and what are the implications to economic change and development itself.

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