Accepted paper:

Positioning women entrepreneurs in global value chain through Trade Support Institutions


Chidinma Elueze (Crawford University)

Paper short abstract:

International Trade Center has focused attention in engaging women entrepreneurs into global value chain of International trade. The Trade Support Institutions play an imperative part in facilitating the participation of women entrepreneurs through networks, connections and technical knowledge.

Paper long abstract:

Women owned Business have been participating in global trade, though the number is sparse. However this has evidently improved their productivity and economic growth. There are certain fundamental challenges for Women entrepreneurs to integrate in the global value chain. These challenges are insufficient capital to scale up to meet global demand, lack of information and network and knowledge of the global trade. This paper would examine the role of Trade Support Institutions to enable and empower women entrepreneurs in Global trade. the paper would elucidate policies of Trade Support Institutions that has fostered participation of women entrepreneurs in global value chain. Furthermore, the paper would explain ways in which the support of Trade Support Institution have improved the socio-economic development of Lagos State. Methodologically, this study was carried out using qualitative methodology (content analysis) and conducted an in-depth interviews with some selected Trade Support Institutions and registered Women Entrepreneurs in Nigeria Export Promotion council in Lagos state. it was observed that Trade Support Institutions have programmes to empower Women Entrepreneurs to engage in global value chain but information is not easily accessed. Advocacy for women entrepreneurs by Trade Support Institutions has to be effectively created because the pivotal role it plays in global value chain ecosystem.Importantly women entrepreneurs that have benefited from Trade Support Institution in participating global trade has resulted economic growth and development in Lagos state.

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