Accepted paper:

SSE local sistems: fostering transformation from local development agencies?


Unai Villalba (UPV/EHU University of the Basque Country)
Juan Carlos Pérez de Mendiguren (University of the Basque Country)
Andoni Egia (City Hall of Hernani)

Paper short abstract:

Recently some local development agencies have implemented governance models and multistakeholder partnerships for enhancing transformative scope of SSE within the territory. Which are the clues in the experience of the Basque Country?

Paper long abstract:

SSE's long history in the Basque Country (industrial cooperatives like Mondragon) has been a model around the World. But over time this Basque model may has lost its transformative initial character, and its practices nowadays may not offer collective voice and active agency to vulnerable people as they sometime did. Recently, some Local Development Agencies have implemented multistakeholder governance practices and public-private partnerships for recovering and enhancing the transformative scope of SSE initiatives within the territory. They look to innovative inclusive entrepreneurships and people centred business models that focusing on decent work can reduce inequality and enhance vulnerable people's opportunities. We analyze the recent trajectory of the "Beterri-Buruntza" case, which includes 6 councils in the Gipuzkoa province of the Basque Country. First, we present the different types of SSE experiencies present in the territory and analyze their real commitment to the SSE values and principles. Second, we analyze the public policies implemented during the last three years by the Local Development Agency and we identify the more relevant values/principles of the SSE invoked. These policies foster projects involving: (i) local farmers (sustainability and food sovereignty); (ii) social care public services regarding vulnerable people (specifically with women and migrants); (iii) new social entepreneurships. Finally we find synergies of these projects with the achievement of many SDGs (2.3 ; 2.4 ; 2.5c ; 5.4 ; 5.5 ; 5.c ; 7.2 ; 8.2 ; 8.3 ; 8.4 ; 8.5 ; 8.8 ; 10.2 ; 10.7 ; 12.4).

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