Accepted paper:

How inclusive are national health systems in sub-Saharan Africa? The need for users and organizational innovation


Emmanuel Ejim-Eze (University of Port Harcourt)
Deborah Ejim-Eze (Foundation for Sustainability Science in Africa)

Paper short abstract:

National health insurance systems have been introduced as inclusive innovations to finance universal health courage in some countries.This paper focuses on how innovations & inclusion of user as co-creators within the innovation process could help develop national health innovation system in Africa

Paper long abstract:

Quality healthcare delivery is key to sustainable development goal (SDG) 3; which seeks to ensure healthy lives and promotion of well‑being for all at all ages. National health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) or social health system (depending on the country); are inclusive innovations aimed at financing health care for the vulnerable and those at the bottom of the pyramid to achieve health for all and sustainable development. This study investigated the cases of NHIS in some selected African countries to see how inclusive the schemes have performed as it relates to achieving sustainable development. Secondly, it looked at the innovation process and how users have been involved to develop NHIS in those countries. The study also investigated how the NHIS has helped to build and develop innovative capacity of the various national health innovation systems. The Evidence from the study show that despite the explicit policies guiding the introduction of this inclusive innovation (NHIS), some group of people (especially those in the informal sector) are excluded from benefiting from this innovation in sub-Saharan Africa. Beyond this, some disease are in the exclusive list, classified as secondary healthcare and subscribers in the schemes are left to threat such with their out of pocket expenses. More importantly, user groups, communities, and other actors within the national health innovation system are not consulted in the development and prior implementation of the NHIS. The study made policy recommendations on the inclusion of users in the innovation process of national health innovation systems in Africa

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Inclusive innovation for development: what inclusion for a fairer future? [paper]