Accepted paper:

The intersection of the Social and Solidarity Economy and Sustainable Development in Monteverde, Costa Rica


Courtney Kurlanska (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Paper short abstract:

Monteverde, a small town in central Costa Rica, is home to a number of community-oriented businesses and organizations. This paper examines how this approach to SSE works towards the community's commitment to sustainable development.

Paper long abstract:

Following the release of the SDGs in 2015, Costa Rica became the first government to sign a National Pact for the Sustainable Development Goals . In the country's recent examination of their progress towards the SDGs conducted in 2017, the evaluation left them with a few important takeaways including the recognition that all of the SDGs are interrelated and that they need to strategically work with non-governmental and private organizations to achieve the 2030 SDG target . Focusing on the 'practice' side of the SSE, this paper will examine how the work of organizations in Monteverde can help Costa Rica reach the targets set for 2030. While the government has chosen to focus its efforts on SDGs 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, and 14 (poverty, hunger, heath, equity, industry and life under water); this paper will examine how these SSE organizations in Monteverde work to address goals 1, 8, and 10-13 (poverty, work, inequality, sustainable communities, responsible consumption and climate action). Drawing on two months of ethnographic fieldwork with community organizations, local businesses, and local producers all engaging in SSE activities, this paper will examine how their work both complements and provides a stark contrast the government's approach to the SDGs.

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Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE): a path towards achieving SDGs? [paper]