Accepted paper:

Capability building and new roles of Colombian former combatants: socio-labor inclusion


Isabel Lopera (University of Salamanca)

Paper short abstract:

This paper pretend to discuss the process of socio-labor inclusion of Colombian ex-combatants and identify successful strategies from their own stories.

Paper long abstract:

This paper aims to expose the capability building of Colombian ex-combatants reinserted into civilian life, paying special attention to their socio-labor inclusiĆ³n. Many of them, without previous experiences of employment, can succumb to the so-called phenomenon of "reintegration into poverty" and as a consequence return to illegal path. For many, growing up in the countryside, far from the city, immersed in an armed conflict, their incorporation into the labor market represents a great challenge. A challenge not less than that which companies and workers will have to face, if they want to welcome this segregated population without the prejudices and fears surrounding these violent actors. The reinserted, stripped of uniforms and weapons, have the chance to play a new role and create, establish and maintain different relationships with other social actors. The purpose of this paper is to present the findings of the interviews carried out to reintegrated people, on the difficulties of this process of adaptation, ajust or maladaptation. In this way, encourage a discussion that suggest strategies that improve the process of reincorporation and labor inclusion.

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