Accepted paper:

Towards a sustainable energy proposal in the context of climate change Wind energy in Oaxaca, Mexico


B. Mariana Galicia (UNAM)

Paper short abstract:

Wind energy in Mexico is not sustainable. After ten years, wind farms settled in the state of Oaxaca have not produced socioeconomic improvements in the region and even have generated social opposition. For this reason, it is necessary to generate strategies towards a sustainable energy proposal.

Paper long abstract:

Climate change represents a boundless threat to international society because of the consequences that are already evident today, however, it also represents a great opportunity to develop alternative energy sources, environmentally friendly. That is the case of wind energy that in recent years has been strongly promoted in many countries. Particularly in Mexico, the state of Oaxaca has proven to have great wind potential and since 2006 several parks have been developed in the area. However, the management of the projects has generated opposition from those that directly affect this type of energy proposals. In addition, according to official data, the socioeconomic conditions of the population have not been improved. For the better integration of renewable energy in our societies, it is necessary to take up the experiences around community management of natural resources. That is, strategies that promote the active participation of the actors involved, as well as strategies to boost the local economy, reactivate productive processes. Therefore, increase the possibility of substantially improving the social conditions of the population and guarantee the necessary proliferation of alternative energy projects in the face of the climatic emergency.

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