Accepted paper:

The globality of local development in South Africa: The case of housing in Johannesburg


Morgan Ndlovu (University of South Africa)

Paper short abstract:

South africa is currently facing a challenge of inequalities of varying manifestations. The most visible inequality is in the housing sector. In this paper, i argue that the local inequalities are a product of global colonial designs that control the making of local histories.

Paper long abstract:

Despite the challenge of inequality in South Africa is often attributed to local factors, this phenomenon is fundamentally a product of global coloniality- a power structure that influence local development. In South africa, there is a glaring symbiotic relationship between the local history's of apartheid and global apartheid which has survived the demise of "official" apartheid in 1994. In this paper, i examine the prevalence of colonial-type relationships in the housing sector of South Africa, tracing their genesis to the advent of modernity/coloniality.

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Global apartheid? Racial inequality in the contemporary global order (Paper)