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Accepted Paper:

Experience of Nazarbayev University in teaching Business Kazakh Language: content-based approach   
Zeinep Zhumatayeva (Nazarbayev University) Elmira Orazaliyeva (Nazarbayev University) Zeinekhan Kuzekova (Nazarbaev University)


Professional preparation is a crucial component of Language education as it helps in the development of the personal abilities of each member of society. The concept of professional language has emerged due to the demand for new trends and the revolution in linguistics. Classes aim is to create self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence among students by providing them with necessary communication skills, and logical sequence of a professional speech. Teaching professional language has been a topic of discussion in both linguistic and methodological terms with several questions arising in scientific literature. These include the purpose of professional language preparation; methodological approaches to teaching it; how to use the theory of content-based teaching to teach it; how to clarify the needs of students, and what level should the professional Kazakh language be taught. The current debate in language education is not limited to knowledge and skills acquisition but also involves a practical connection between education and life. In this paper, we hope to summarize the modern experience of foreign, Russian, and Kazakh scientists and analyze these problems in detail. Furthermore, we will analyze the main issues related to the development of curricula for teaching the Business Kazakh language. Teaching the Business Kazakh language involves taking into account the desires and requirements of the language learners because the language for business skills includes awareness of transitive coacher, relevant motivations, and explicit activities. This means that identifying the learner’s needs is important in creating successful programs. As a result, the analysis of needs is a significant step in Brown’s six core stages and a link between linguistic content and subject matter.

Panel LANG01
Languages in Contemporary Eurasia
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