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Accepted Paper:

Representation of Religion, China and Dungans in the Poetry of Iasyr Shivaza  
Jan Brzobohatý (Palacký University Olomouc)


The paper is devoted to the founder of the modern Dungan literature, poet Iasyr Shivaza (1906 – 1988) and the analysis of his work. At the beginning, some information about Dungan ethnic group and also a short biography of Shivaza will be mentioned. Subsequently, it will be shown how motifs related to religion, China and Dungans are depicted in the poetry collection published in 2006 for the poet's 100th birth anniversary. The motifs from the first category are related to the fact that although Shivaza came from a Muslim background, he was also a communist. Therefore, it's interesting to know, what he has written about religion and islam. The representation of China in his poetry helps describe the author's view of the "old homeland" of this ethnic group. The topic of Dungans in the poet's work then reflects his thinking about his own nation. In addition to specific examples of the representation of all three categories of motifs, some advices to Dungan people from his poetry will also be mentioned.

Panel LIT02
Literature in 20th Century Eurasia
  Session 1 Saturday 8 June, 2024, -