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Accepted Paper:

Star of the Alash: Nazipa Kulzhanova  
Aigul Ismakova


A hundred years ago, the political elite of Alash boldly raised the position that the Independence of the Motherland is directly related to the social equality of the Kazakh woman in the society. The fate of the Kazakh girl, which was first raised in Bakytsiz Zhamal, the first Kazakh novel, focused on the fate of the Kazakh girl. Nazipa Kulzhanova, who is in the middle of the Alash group, is a person who demonstrated this position with her life.

Nazipa Segizbayovna Kulzhanova, a unique teacher, ethnographer, translator, first journalist of the Alash, was born in Torgai. Nazipa Kulzhanova graduated from girls' school in Torgai in 1902-1904. After completing her studies, beginning in 1905 she taught Kazakh language at the Teachers' Seminary in Semipalatinsk.

Nazipa Kulzhanova was the author of articles in the newspapers Kazak, Saryarka, and Alash which boldly raised the issue of women. Nazipa Kulzhanova was also a translator who gave a presentation on the work of Ybyray Altynsaryuly and translated the teacher's poem "Spring" into Russian. She also translated many other works from Russian into Kazakh.

In 1917, Nazipa Kulzhanova was a member of the special committee on the publication of textbooks, books in the Kazakh language, and press affairs of the educational commissariat of the Kyrgyz (Kazakh) AKSSR of the Academic Center opened in 1920 by Ahmet Baitursynuly.

Nazipa Kulzhanova was later included in the committee for the introduction of the new Kazakh alphabet. In addition, in 1922, she was a member of the editorial board of Engbekshi Kazakh newspaper, in 1923-1925, she was responsible for the magazine Kyzyl Kazakhstan, and in 1925-1929, she was responsible for the journal Equality of Women. Journalist teacher Nazipa Kulzhanova's informative articles on education, national culture, health, and social issues were published in Aykap, Kazak, Birlik tuyu, and Alash publications.

Nazipa Kulzhanova is a public figure who realized 100 years ago that a Kazakh girl should be involved in the social life of the society and directly participate in its existence at the national level. Ahmet Baitursynuly Nazipa Kulzhanova gave a fair assessment to Mrs. Akhmet Baitursynuly in his poem that she set an example for others with her honest work in those hard times. Akhan has two white poems written for his wife: A letter to my mother and To Mrs. Nazipa Kulzhanova.

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