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Accepted Paper:

The Analysis of Kazakh Women Names in Genealogy   
Zhazira Agabekova (Nazarbayev University)


The Kazakh people are connected through kinship, identified by tribal names. Genealogy plays a crucial role in determining their history, with each Khanate, clan, and even family maintaining their own genealogies. Chronicles, such as the "Genghis Chronicle," "Kazakh Chronicle," "Mahmut Sobyk free Chronicle," and others collected by Beybars and Ibn Haldon, along with the "Kipchak Chronicle" and "Dzhagannama" ("Oghuz karakan Chronicle"), continue to document the lineage within families and dynasties.

These chronicles primarily record male names, reflecting the patriarchal nature of Kazakh society. However, there are also references to female names, albeit fewer in number. The study of these female names found in Kazakh Chronicles is essential. Despite their smaller presence, their role and significance in Kazakh society are notable. The goal of this research article is to demonstrate the role of Kazakh Women in society at that period of time by analyzing Genealogy.

By utilizing quantitative methods, it will be identified and analyzed the historical, social, political, and cultural factors that influenced the inclusion of female names in these chronicles. This analysis sheds light on the role of women in Kazakh society and their contributions to governance and leadership at that period.

The research will further investigate this topic by examining multiple chronicles to compile a comprehensive list of female names, providing a more nuanced understanding of gender dynamics and societal structures within Kazakh history.

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Women in Central Eurasia (I). Pre-Modern Period: Social Status and Social Expectations [English&Turkish]
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