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Accepted Paper:

Human rights in the climate change governance   
Najiba Mustafayeva (Ibn Haldun University (Turkey))


The escalating impacts of climate change present a pressing global challenge that threatens the fundamental human rights of individuals and communities worldwide. Against this background this research aims to offer a comprehensive analysis of the intricate relationship between human rights and climate change governance, providing a roadmap for effective policy development and implementation both at domestic and international levels.

This paper explores the multidimensional intersection of human rights and climate change through a meticulous review of existing international legal frameworks, case studies, and the evolving discourse on climate justice. Hence, the author delves into the existing legal instruments and mechanisms that safeguard human rights within the context of climate change, including the Paris Agreement, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and various regional and national initiatives, inter alia within EU, as well as touches upon the BITs and FTAs that also address environmental element recently. The author critically assesses the strengths and weaknesses of these mechanisms and their effectiveness in addressing the human rights dimensions of climate change.

Furthermore, the research will present a policy framework that integrates human rights principles into climate change governance, offering concrete recommendations for governments, international intergovernmental organizations, businesses, and civil society actors to uphold the rights of affected individuals and ensure climate justice. The proposed framework focuses on the importance of inclusive decision-making, meaningful participation, and equitable access to adaptation and mitigation strategies, as well as issues of international responsibility and access to effective remedies.

Panel PUB01
Legislating the Environment: Resource-Based Economies in the post-Soviet Period
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