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Accepted Paper:

A critical analysis of the legal regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the prevention and elimination of oil spills  
Jessica Neafie (Nazarbayev University) Emil Bayramov (Nazarbayev University)


Despite the use and importance of oil extraction the study of oil spill policy management is still limited. In Kazakhstan, approximately 50% of total exports and 30% of tax revenue comes from the oil sector where policy management has been historically weak. However, new developments in the ecological policy of Kazakhstan seek to remedy this shortcoming. Oil spills in Kazakhstan happen due to drilling, transportation, and natural leaks at various points around the country and in the Caspian Sea. This paper critically analyzes the main environmental codes and regulations in Kazakhstan relating to oil spill prevention. Through this analysis, we investigate the development of Kazakhstani pollution management and the monitoring and enforcement problems they still confront. This paper also considers Kazakhstani oil spill policies in the larger context of industrial and international policies and practices to consider how local policies complement and remain consistent with oil spill regulation internationally. The findings of this study show the enforcement capacity, complications, and effectiveness of the legislative frameworks created by the Kazakhstani government. Furthermore, this study provides an overview of the oil spill problem and its management strategy in emerging economy countries.

Panel PUB01
Legislating the Environment: Resource-Based Economies in the post-Soviet Period
  Session 1 Thursday 6 June, 2024, -