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Accepted Paper:

Corruption and Access to Infrastructure: A Sociological Study in Kazakhstan  
Daniyar Kaldiyarov (Eurasian Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies) Dinara Rakhmatullayeva (Eurasian Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies)


This article presents the results of a comprehensive sociological study on the relationship between corruption and access to infrastructure in Kazakhstan. Infrastructure development is a significant aspect of the socio-economic development of a country, ensuring the functioning of various sectors of the economy, facilitating business, and improving the quality of living standards. However, the prevalence of corruption in accessing these vital resources exacerbates inequality and slows down the country's sustainable growth and development. Therefore, this study aims to identify the forms and reveal the mechanisms of corruption in Kazakhstan's infrastructure. A differentiated approach combining qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys, and data analytics is used to explore the extent and nature of corruption.

The findings reveal a complex interaction between different institutional structures (state, business, civil society) due to the established corrupt practices and their negative impact on the country's socio-economic indicators. In addition, the study shows how corruption distorts the mechanisms of resource allocation in the development of infrastructure projects in Kazakhstan, emphasizing systemic problems and shortcomings in their management. In addition, weak legal and regulatory frameworks, lack of transparency, and limited accountability mechanisms contribute to the persistence of corruption, perpetuating the practice in the country's infrastructure sector. By shedding light on the link between corruption and access to infrastructure in Kazakhstan, this study provides valuable information for policymakers, businesses, civil society, and international stakeholders seeking to address these pressing issues. It emphasizes the importance of fighting corruption and increasing transparency in infrastructure management to ensure equitable development and sustainable growth in the well-being of the people of Kazakhstan.

Keywords: Kazakhstan, infrastructure, corruption, sociological survey, transparency, institutions, accountability, sustainable development, socio-economic factors.

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Straddling between ‘Legality’ and ‘Illegality’ in Everyday Life: Corruption and Informal Practices in Central Asia
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