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Accepted Paper:

"Smart Cities and Personal Data: Examining the Role of Digital Technologies in Urban Development in China and Central Asia"   
Zhyldyz Tegizbekova (AlaToo International University)


Abstract: The advent of smart city technologies has transformed urban landscapes in both China and Central Asia, ushering in an era of unprecedented connectivity and efficiency. However, this technological metamorphosis raises significant questions about the collection, use, and protection of personal data within the context of urban development. This paper presents an examination of the role that digital technologies play in shaping smart cities in China and Central Asia, with a specific focus on the implications for personal data.

The study delves into the facets of smart city infrastructure, including surveillance systems, IoT devices, and data analytics, to understand how these technologies contribute to urban development goals. It critically evaluates the ways in which personal data is gathered, processed, and utilized in the pursuit of efficiency, sustainability, and improved quality of life.

Furthermore, the paper explores the regulatory frameworks and privacy safeguards in place to address the challenges associated with the intersection of smart cities and personal data in both regions. Through case studies and comparative analyses, it seeks to identify best practices, potential concerns, and areas for improvement in the evolving landscape of smart city development.

By providing insights into the complex relationship between digital technologies, urban development, and personal data, this study contributes to a broader understanding of the socio-technological dynamics shaping the future of cities in China and Central Asia.

Panel T16POL
Digital China and Central Asia
  Session 1 Saturday 8 June, 2024, -