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Accepted Paper:

China’s Strategic Technological Goals and their Adaptability within the Uzbekistan Context  
Abbos Bobokhonov (Institute for Advanced International Studies under University of World Economy and Diplomacy)


This article examines the dynamics of China's growing technological influence in Central Asia, with a specific focus on Uzbekistan. Through a systemic analysis of the numerous agreements in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) between Uzbekistan and China, it investigates the mechanisms underlying a broader technological partnership between Beijing and Tashkent. This partnership encompasses the establishment of a 'safe city,' the integration of renowned Chinese technological brands, and various other aspects shaping this collaborative framework.

While acknowledging China's strong presence in Uzbekistan, the article examines the alignment of these technological strategies with the unique socio-economic and political context of Uzbekistan. It probes the broader implications of the sustained presence of Chinese technology companies in the region, evaluating the extent to which Uzbekistan's comprehensive reforms and technological advancements contribute to the consolidation of these positions.

Throughout the analysis, the article underscores the instrumental role of China's technological presence in Central Asia as a powerful tool of “soft power.” It raises questions about how China strategically employs technology as a form of “soft power” in Central Asia, assessing the congruence of China’s overarching strategic goals and their adaptability within the nuanced context of Uzbekistan. By delving into these complexities, the article aims to offer a deeper understanding of the multifaceted interplay between China's increasing technological presence and the socio-economic dynamics of Uzbekistan within the broader Central Asian landscape.

Panel T16POL
Digital China and Central Asia
  Session 1 Saturday 8 June, 2024, -