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Accepted Paper:

New Interpretation of Epic Manas  
Almagul Aisarieva (TSI AUCA)


Epic Manas is an essential part of Kyrgyz culture. Historians, researchers of relative fields often debate over Manas if it is existed in history or just myth. While such never-ending discussions seem to come to dead-end in most times, the phenomenon of Manas narrating through dreaming is still continued and been kept regardless different regimes and systems.

Another interesting phenomenon of Manas epic is that different people perceive Manas and interpret in different ways based on their background, professions, interest field etc. For instances, a famous metaphoric description of Manas as a hero in the text of Manas epic is comprehended and understood in different ways

The main purpose of the paper is to find out how interpretations are made and reasons of interpretations why they needed to be done. Focus is around two main research questions. How texts of Manas epic is interpreted by three respondents and why such interpretation needed.

In this article I deliver different interpretations by three people. They explain Manas epic according to their own background, professions, spiritual development, personal interest, etc.

These respondents are selected by their popularity for their explanation and interpretation the epic among audience. These interpretations are most searched on the internet and their lectures are most visited. Therefore, information they shared are open on the internet surface and often referenced by others.

Panel ANT07
Cultural Representation, Interpretation, and Transformation
  Session 1 Saturday 8 June, 2024, -