Accepted Paper:

The vision of the Witsuwit'en prophet Bini and the Dane-zaa prophet Charlie Yahey  


Antonia Mills (UNBC)

Paper short abstract:

The Vision of the Witsuwit'en Prophet/Shaman Bini and the Beaver Indian.Dane-zaa Prophet/Shaman Charlie Yahey were profound and both revealed what their people must do to keep their worlds from becoming extinct due to changes to come from settler/invader society.

Paper long abstract:

The Vision of shamans and prophets are profound, as the experience the Witsuwit'en Prophet Bini and the Dane-zaa Prophet Charlie Yahey reveal. Bini told his people what he was shown during the three days his body was dead after he revived about the coming white men. His experience had a profound impression on his reincarnation who has died recently. Charlie Yahey left his body to see what the future would bring in the presence of his community and us, and after hours away revealed what he had been shown about what has to be done to keep this world from dying. These prophets shared their experience in the spirit world profoundly when back on the physical plane.

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Shamans, senses and synaesthesia: the art of vision