Accepted Paper:

When the spirits don't speak to you...  


Shelley Rabinovitch (University of Ottawa)

Paper short abstract:

Contact with Spirits/Entities/Soul will be discussed as reported via smell, touch, and sound.

Paper long abstract:

Most discussions about contact with Divinities, Ghosts, and other spirits (e.g. spirit-guides, Helpers, and Grandfathers/Grandmothers) talk about *SEEING* - perception via the sense of sight. This paper is based on both emic and etic research during ceremonial and every-day experiences, where contact is expressed via sound: "I heard the Grandfather say this", "As soon as I hear this particular song, I am right back at the Sundance Tree" and/or smell: "I knew I had made direct contact with the plant because the room was suddenly flooded with the smell of its flowers", "Cedar smudge can bring you right back into the Sacred as soon as you smell it, and you never forget that smell".

Panel MB-SSR06
Shamans, senses and synaesthesia: the art of vision