Accepted Paper:

Tibetan Buddhist spirit for liberation moving from trans-psychic to extended cognitive worldview: Insights from spaces beyond conventional  


Nupur Pathak (Fellow, Royal Anthropological Institute)

Paper short abstract:

Present study explores how power of oscillation, which evolves in Tibetan Tantric ritualistic practices for liberation of beings from sufferings, is disseminated to respond to the challenges of uprooted Tibetans at Dharamsala (India) and in stressed global culture through a reinvigorated paradigm.

Paper long abstract:

In Tantric rituals the power of oscillation (to pacify and resist) evolves through (embodied sacrifice of senses and the self) which dissolves the worlds (mundane & beyond) into oneness (non-dualism, i.e. the global capital). This paradigm opens global channels and attracts overwhelming inflow of tourists at Dharamsala (India), especially from the West (Christian donors, sponsors), who travel in the quest for spiritual pleasure.

Despite challenged livelihood since 1959 and global unrest Tibetans maintain eco-harmony through rituals, ceremonies, discourses by the Dalai Lama and the tourists get privileged to experience a perception, realization of stressful and challenged world of culture through their extended cognitive worldview which blurs the boundaries. That reorients encapsulated Tibetan Tantric spiritual power to revitalize challenged Tibetans' well-being and transcends revolutionary ethos for the Tibetan cause. It encourages lay practice and equality that strengthen Tibetans' sense of nationalism.

In addition, migration, global travel, translation, digitization of Tibetan Tantric manuscripts, semiotic analysis and messages through internet, also disseminates this knowledge which formulates transcendent unity through charitable act into the public sphere for the global traumatized actors.

Present study envisages how this knowledge is increasingly integrated into ethnographic research and anthropological analysis on Tibetan global capital movement which is occupying psycho-cultural vacuum in global space and retaining the key adherence to the historical past.

Panel MB-SSR07
The ontological turn: new ethnographic approaches, theories and analysis of spirit mediumship, shamanism, religious ritual and discarnate phenomena