Accepted Paper:

Niyamgiri movement in South Asia: an analysis of its structure, innovation and adaptation  


Sipra Sagarika (Fakir Mohan University)

Paper short abstract:

Indigenous movement in Eastern India by the Primitive Tribal group of Klahandi and Raygada districts of Odisha , Eastern India, in South Asia, against Vedanta Aluminium Industry is the burning example of empowered voices from the indigenous community.

Paper long abstract:

Niyamgiri is a range of hills which is elongated through Kalahandi and Rayagada districts of Odisha, India in South Asia. It is into contention in last decade in Orissa regarding hiring the Niyamgiri Bauxite reserve located on the top of Niyamgiri hill by the British Vedanta Group. It is basically dominated with Primitive Tribal Group such as Dongaria Kondha and Kutia Kondha of Eastern India in South Asia. The intensity of pollution had disturbed the structural balance of biodiversity and affected the socio-cultural elements of settlers of Niyamgiri hill. Consequently, the appeal of the environmentalists and the tribal were accounted by the Supreme Court of India and it came to the rescue of these scheduled tribal. The Supreme Court declared for the holding of 'Gram Sabhas' in twelve different villages in the districts of Kalahandi and Raygada in presence of district administration. This was the stage of complete rejection and all the participant tribal voted against the industry and for the first time in the history of the world democracy indigenous decision compelled the multi corer projects to be banned immediately.

Panel WIM-AIM06
Indigenous movement and anthropologists