Accepted Paper:

Transgender Bodies in Sports: Some Issues  


Wagner De Camargo (UFSCar)

Paper short abstract:

This is part of a research about gender and sexuality in the field of sports.Particularly this is a discussion about "dissonant sport practices" related to transgender bodies.

Paper long abstract:

Currently part of my research is about transgender bodies in sports. In this text I would like to address some issues related to the otherness in the field of sports, which has been drawn in my topics related to transgender bodies of male/female (MtF or FtM) athletes. I have searched for what I call dissonant sport practices, that is, athletic manifestations that wouldn't fit into the technical reproducibility patterns of the body's gestures in the mainstream sports, and that even so would produce results. On the other hand, I want to conceptualize the dissonant bodies, which would be those that are placed in the limits of normative bodies, being considered deviant of the "norm" or "abject" (e.g., bodies that don't fit the idealized standards of beauty, aesthetics, sex & gender, or efficiency proposed by contemporary Western societies, but still are present in certain high level championships, like the Olympics).

Panel MB-AMS07
Socio-cultural anthropology of sports