Accepted Paper:

Societies in balance: re-thinking matriarchy in modern matriarchal studies  


Heide Goettner-Abendroth

Paper short abstract:

In modern Matriarchal Studies a scientific definition of matriarchy has been given. An outline of this definition (economical, social, political, cultural) will be presented which has been gained from cross-cultural research on indigenous matriarchal societies.

Paper long abstract:

Non-patriarchal societies are called "matriarchal" in the new field of modern Matriarchal Studies. A clear, scientific definition of "matriarchy" has been missing until now. This has led to the misunderstanding that matriarhy refers to "rule by women" and has conceived a longlasting, ideologically distorting prejudice towards it.

This situation has been changed by modern Matriarchal Studies, which have been developing during the last decades and were presented by many scholars and indigenous speakers at two recent World Congresses on Matriarchal Studies in Europe and the USA.

In this lecture, an outline of the deep structure of matriarchal societies (economical, social, political, cultural) will be given which has been gained from cross-cultural research on still existing indigenous matriarcjal societies all over the world. Matriarchies will be shown to be gender egalitarian and consensus based societies, creating actively peace and sustainability by different intelligent guidelines. Some concrete societies of this type will be presented in short.

Panel RM-KG05
Nicole Mathieu's legacy for the theory of matrilineal societies