Accepted Paper:

Gender dimension in the 'refugeeization' of migration in the age of globalization  


Suheel Mir (University of Kashmir)

Paper Short Abstract:

Globalization has two sides. people , goods and capital now circle far and wide with more noteworthy effectiveness than at any other time. Then again, for the more vulnerable strata of society, including refugees,the outcomes of globalization are frequently less promising

Paper long abstract:

Globalization has 'invaded' all arenas of the world known to man. It comes as no revelation that the contemporary wars are more global in nature than the preceding world wars, even though they are situated in a limited geography. A proliferation of wars has resulted in a global market for weapons, arms, ammunitions and also an alternate oil market. Globally, women make up just under half of international migrants. It has given rise to migration on an unprecedented scale, unparallel and unwitnessed in the history of migration, prompting the United Nations to host the Summit for Refugees and Migrants. This is important evidence in the direction of 'Refugeeization' of migration. The current explosion in migration towards Europe, North America and Australia is premised on all the factors of push-and-pull governing migration, yet they are also additionally fuelled by escaping repressive gender regimes. women and girl refugees and migrants face serious protection risks, including violence and exploitation such as rape, transactional sex, human and organ trafficking and experience to gender-based violence (GBV), which is, in turn, exacerbated by the recurrent disparate gender relations within the commune of origin. Gender is indispensable in opening and implementing method and policies intended at protective and empowering women refugees and asylum seekers in order to permit them to become vivacious contributors to the host society. As refugees and migrants adapt to new environs, they experience racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia.

Keywords: Globalization, Gender, Refugeeization, Migration, gender based violence (GBV).

Panel LL-AS03
Ecological refugees: movements of people from marginalized regions due to environmental problems [Commission for Marginalization and Global Apartheid and Commission for Anthropology and Environment)