Accepted Paper:

An analysis of religious factors in the Naxi female ancestor myth and the "Mr Gu mi" oral literature  


Yue He (Yunnan Normal University)

Paper short abstract:

Religion and literature are among the earliest products of the human spirit, expressing people's thinking, experience, ideals and so on. "Gu", meaning the egg gives birth to the woman. I wish to analyze the Naxi Dongba teaching and the influence of Buddhism on the Mr Gu mythology.

Paper long abstract:

Religious artistic images derive from literature, literature from religious theme, plot, and feelings. Dongba is the native religion of the Naxi nationality, and has also had a great influence on literature. In Naxi oral literature "Mr Gu mi" is considered the father of the female ancestor. In this paper I wish to show how the Dongba tradition influenced the "Mr Gu mi" mythology.

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Naxi and Mosuo peoples in China and their Eastern Asian Neighbors