Accepted Paper:

Aspects of anthropology of sports in Brazil  


Luiz Fernando Rojo Mattos (Universidade Federal Fluminense)

Paper short abstract:

This paper aims to open a debate about the creation of hte IUAES Anthropology of Sports Comission. To do it, I'll present some aspects of Brazilian Anthropology of Sports, stimulating a perspective which goes from an analysis of each national tradition to global and comparative investigations in our field.

Paper long abstract:

One of the main interests with this panel is to contribute to the construction of our Comission of Anthropology of Sports in the IUAES. I was present at the last IUAES inter-congress, in Dubrovnik, and two things caught my attention there. The first one was that, in the Anthropology of Sports panel, just two papers were from a socio-cultural perspective, while around ten others were discussing medical or physical aspects of sportive practices. The second was that, in the middle of a general movement to create or consolidate specific comissions, no one from that panel was proposing it for sports. These are the points of departure for this panel, and I hopes to contribute to this discussion presenting some aspects of Brazilian Anthropology of Sports. My intention with it is to socialize all participants with this production, while stimulating the possibilities of producing comparative studies in the next years, which can be one of the most important dimensions for an IUAES comission. To understand the particularity of each national tradition in this field is a necessary step to begin to think globally about sports, and to capacitize ourselves to interpret sportive megaevents, world migration, political and economic dimensions of sports, and other aspects in more cooperative investigations. So, as one of the proponents of this panel, my aim is to invite everyone to think about these questions, and to participate in the creation of our comission.

Panel MB-AMS07
Socio-cultural anthropology of sports