Accepted Paper:

Tourism development of Nepal: a critical analysis of hospitality sector in different perspective   


Purna Bahadur Karki
Yojana Sherchan (Nepal Academy Of Tourism &Hotel Management T.U.)

Paper short abstract:

This paper will highlight the organizational structure and its role to tourism sector. Why Nepal has tourism is one of the potential industries although it is not flourish it as it has to do.

Paper long abstract:

Nepal there are few organization for tourism such as Nepal tourism Board, Trekking agencies association of Nepal Hotel association of Nepal, Nepal mountaineering association and Nepal association of Tour & Travel Agents etc. as well sometime government also brought the policy and program for tourism sector. Recently there are many hotels, resorts, Guest house, and lodge to provide facilities and service to the tourist. Although there are lacks on development of infrastructure and attraction of international chain hotel. Looking to the Nepal tourism industry that compare to other develop country like Japan, Nepal always behind to attract the foreigner as their target. So this paper analysis how technology and development impact in the tourism. Further, it will briefly look on Japan tourism organization and hospitality sector that Nepal can improve service sector to attract more tourists from different countries.

Moreover, in the economic perspective Nepal as poor developing nation that emerged from a decade of Maoist insurgency. It faces a set of social, economic and political challenges and opportunities. Nepal national business environment has suffered from structure of geography and political instability. Which not only affects the tourism sector bit but it also affect the national economy? However, still there is some tourism cluster which is positive and potential to contribute to Nepal economic growth. It found that lack of the technology, and infrastructures Nepal tourism sector still not booming up to mark.

Panel WIM-CHAT06
Globalization of tourism in remote areas [IUAES-Tourism]