Accepted Paper:

Social and cultural adaptation of ex patient and patient of leprosy: study their behaviour of medication and social relationship in Manado  


Benny Malonda (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences University of Sam Ratulangi Manado Indonesia)
Welly Mamosey (University of Sam Ratulangi)

Paper short abstract:

In this paper will be described the movement of ex patients and patients of leprosy in Manado, that adapted to their social and cultural environment in their daily life; and particularly this paper related to their behaviour to seek the source of medication

Paper long abstract:

Ideally ex patients and patients of leprosy in north Manado city, could continuing their social and cultural life normally, same as the normal people that not infected by leprosy. Related to that condition, based on the qualitatif research and by using the theory of adaptation, that in this paper will be described the behaviour of movement of ex patients and leprosy patients in their daily life in their neighbourhood, about how they seek the source of medication, how they create a social relationship with their neighbours and their work environment; particularly how can the neighbours in adjacent village as normal people or with their normal bodies, responding in the social relationship context toward their neighbours as the ex patients and patient of leprosy.

Panel MB-AMS03
Life in movement: becomings of the bodies