Accepted Paper:

Globalisation and African Women   


Anju Aggarwal (University of Delhi)

Paper long abstract:

Globalization has meant differently to different people. To some it is a system of domination and disempowerment, while to others it is the restructuring of the world economy in the interest of capitalist class. One of the main instruments of globalization in the poor countries of Asia and Africa is the Structural Adjustment Program. Globalization might be responsible for economic development to some extent; it has affected seriously the gender relations. Besides land and labor, agricultural training, credit technology, marketing are the other areas where women are at disadvantageous position. Privatization of the social security system and grossly under funded health care system has also affected the African women. It creates the conditions of violence against woman, particularly trafficking and prostitution. Social inequalities enhanced by globalization have led the women work hard for less. There is a need to establish gender equality in all policies at all levels; there is a need for more active participation of women in decision-making. For this NGO’s and women organization should be involved. There is a need for reappraisal of African worldview so that it could be utilized in favor of women’s interest.

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