Accepted paper:

Me Too anthropology


Elizabeth Beckmann (The University of Sussex)

Paper short abstract:

"The #MeToo campaign has certainly caused a storm, but will this storm pass and its population revert to the way it was before, and what can modern anthropology do to ensure that it doesn't?"

Paper long abstract:

Anthropologist; story-teller, philosopher, documenter, person, survivor. For many working within the field of anthropology, personal experiences of trauma and survival are elements of research often omitted from ethnographies and open discussion on our return, particularly in cases of sexual trauma. However, a great deal of ethnographic research is focused on the trauma and survival of our informants. This short piece considers how the #metoo campaign of 2017 has perhaps offered anthropologists not only a potential outlet through which to consider their own traumas (even those of their colleagues) in and out of the field and within our own institutions, but furthermore this personal reflection asks what we as anthropologists can do to support and give voice to momentous campaigns such as #metoo in a show of solidarity if not unity with our past and future informants as well as our colleagues and indeed ourselves. Now is a time to pay attention, to encourage each other to document these realities, to share these stories and to lend ourselves to this remarkable and pivotal moment in this current and ongoing global social transformation.

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#MeTooAnthro: sexual assault and harassment in anthropology