Accepted paper:

Sensory knowledge as ways of knowing: non-verbal means of communication and sensing of 'home' of Latin Americans in Edinburgh


Marta Sokol-Klepacka (University of St Andrews)

Paper short abstract:

This paper examines the role of sensory knowledge as ways of knowing for particular individuals as well as for the researchers. It looks at the sensorial life experiences of Latin Americans living in Edinburgh and explores their sensing of ‘home’.

Paper long abstract:

It is in human condition to have sensorial life experiences that comprise of the use of various senses. Affective experiences are the emotions and moods, evaluative experiences are based on how one's life is by looking at evaluative standards and aspirations (Rojas 2016). This paper focuses on the sensory knowledge that I gained by looking at non-verbal means of communication of Latin Americans in Edinburgh among whom I carried out my research and looks at the cross-cultural communication differences that these individuals acknowledged they sensed when living in Edinburgh. Subsequently, the paper explores how individuals, here different Latin Americans living in Edinburgh, construct 'home' away from 'home' in particular moments of their lives and experience it through senses. Finally, the paper examines the emotions and memories that are evoked through senses such as sound, smell, taste, vision and imagination in the 'home-making' process.

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Sensational knowledge: emotional and sensory encounters as ways of knowing