Accepted paper:

"Unforgettable" beauty in cinematic dance: challenging 'economic' crisis through masqueraded choreographies in local rhetoric in Korydallos of Attica (Greece)


Mimina Pateraki (Hellenic Open University)

Paper short abstract:

This paper explores how people challenge the 'normal' crisis in Greece through long lasting 'unforgettable' beauty's dance performances in cinema cultivating a deeper study of the ways people engage dance and especially cinematic dance in their life.

Paper long abstract:

Performing in order to attract, to charm, to "promise happiness", beauty, according to Greek etymology (ωραίος, στην ώρα του(being on time), has to be on time. If we accept that beauty is a journey in time, a journey for be-coming, a kind of fermentation, then it is safe to argue that beauty performance can be, amongst others, a locus of challenge, a site of negotiation. This paper explores how people challenge the 'normal' crisis in Greece through long lasting, 'unforgettable' beauty's dance performances in cinema. People in Korydallos criticize contemporary sociopolitical situation and their personal choices through certain film dancing scenes of cinema in Greece. "Unforgettable" cinematic dance that Korydalliotes really enjoy and desire to watch constantly on screen informs a path from screen towards their lives. What can be challenged through "Alice's dancing masqueraded as Pipis or Sifis", or by "Xarchakos and Silenos' choreography masqueraded as women in the harem"? People share their thoughts about dance, cinema and social life introducing us through the cinematic dance to a veiled practice of resistance through cracks and breaks to stable and fixed schemas challenging their tolerance.

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'Alternative' beauty in 'alternative' communities, scenes and subcultures