Accepted paper:

Making it interesting... On mediatization of wedding rituals


Sławomir Sikora (University of Warsaw)
Karolina Dudek (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences)

Paper short abstract:

The idea to make a film on mediatization of wedding rituals was developed during ethnographic research on visuality in culture. Nowadays rituals are in the process of mediatization and media become more and more ritualized. Wedding ceremony is a perfect example of it. 73’ film

Paper long abstract:

In the past a wedding ceremony used to be commemorated with only one single photograph taken in an atelier. The range of photographs in a wedding album has expanded year by year and they became photo essays. With the appearance of a new medium - VHS tape - began the epoch of wedding films. Nowadays digital films are extraordinary multimedia collages, to a great extent products of direction and styling and photographers/filmmakers become real masters of ceremonies. The philosophy of a wedding film appears to be simple - it's all about making it interesting...

The film juxtaposes anthropologists' footage shot during the wedding of a Polish-English couple and interviews made later on with original material shot by the wedding photographers and the film they made of it. This heteroglotic narration is just as much interesting image of contemporary wedding ceremony as meta-commentary on a global phenomenon of wedding films.

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73’ film

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