Accepted paper:

Being a tourist in one's own home


Jaroslava Panakova (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava)

Paper short abstract:

Film portrays a what-once-would-be resort for extreme polar tourism in Chukotka… the waiting for tourists becomes a reflection on one’s own cultural identity. 57' film and 15’ filmmaker-led discussion

Paper long abstract:

Film represents rather preliminary rough draft of longer and hopefully more congruent piece dealing with an establishement of extreme tourism in polar regions such as Chukotka. In my research study as well my film work I would like to reveal how different community members conform their life-styles differently to such collective expectations such as making the village a tourist resort. As the film was made in an off-season, waiting for tourists gives time to local people reflect the question of travelling, displacement, and repatrition. The project of making the settlement a tourist place involves diverse understanding of what shall or shall not be considered to be suitable for external representation of culture. Possible discrepancies in such expectations shall be able to disclose how individuals reflect social imperatives and how they as individuals experience, redefine, and transmit culture, in particular, how they choose and practice their life-styles.

57' film and 15’ filmmaker-led discussion

panel P43
Film programme